2.5V/100MA Cast Aluminium NiHi Battery Solar LED Road Stud 1.2V/600NAH 6 LEDs
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This product has a minimum quantity of 10
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_x000D_ Solar Road Stud
_x000D_ Light Color: _x000D_ Red / Orange / Blue
_x000D_ Solar Panel : _x000D_ Mono-Crystaline 2.5V/100MA
_x000D_ Battery:_x000D_ Ni-MH Anti-heat x1 1.2V/600NAH
_x000D_ Light Mode:_x000D_ Flash
_x000D_ Light Source :_x000D_ 3LEDs x2
_x000D_ Light Visibility : _x000D_ 800m
_x000D_ Material:_x000D_ Cast Aluminum
_x000D_ Compression resistance capacity:_x000D_ 30 metric tons
_x000D_ Temperature rating:_x000D_ -20~70 degrees Celsius
_x000D_ Waterproof:_x000D_ Yes IP67
_x000D_ Lifespan:_x000D_ 3 years
_x000D_ Size:_x000D_ L105xW105xH25mm
_x000D_ Gross Weight: _x000D_

_x000D_ 500g

_x000D_ Net Weight:_x000D_ 340g
_x000D_  _x000D_

_x000D_ Easy to install and require absolutely no wires or maintenance.


_x000D_ As soon as it starts getting dark the 6 LED lights in the stud come on and flash automatically each night and remain illuminated for up to 24 hours. The studs have been specifically designed to improve roadway safety and can help to prevent serious accidents. They are also ideal for illuminating paths, parking space, decks, bridges and docks.


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