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Product Code: 2CN013SG

Female Jack > 10mm 5050 SMD
Single Color Connector Cable

Total Length : 19cm / 7.5inch
Length of the cable: 13.5cm / 5.3inch
Forward Voltage : DC12V, DC24V
Waterproof : No

DC Female Jack
Internal diameter: 2.1mm
External Diameter: 5.5mm
10mm 5050 SMD Connector
Width of a Strip: 10mm
Material PCB



Do you need to connect 10mm Single Color Strip to 12/24V?
No more cutting and soldering!

You can use this simple snap-down connector to connect with 5050 (The width of the strip is 10mm) Single Color LED Strip!
This connector is most suitable for non-waterproof Single Color 5050 strips.

Q: Can I use it for strip with silicon?
A: Yes, but you need to take off the silicon by using a cutter knife.
*** please do so at your own risk! ***



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