12A 144W  Mini LED Amplifier RGB LED Repeater
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_x000D_ Mini RGB Strip Amplifer
_x000D_ Working Voltage: _x000D_ 12V DC
_x000D_ Output Channel: _x000D_ 3 (RGB)
_x000D_ Max Output Current :_x000D_ 3x4A
_x000D_ Max Output Power :_x000D_ 144W
_x000D_ Size:_x000D_ L50xW12xH3 MM
_x000D_  _x000D_

_x000D_ Smallest RGB Amplifer on the market !
_x000D_ Simplest solution when you need to connect longer RGB Strip Light.
_x000D_ This amplier's max output current is 12A/144W, if you use 12A DC converter you can connect another 20m of 30LED/m or 10m of 60LED/m. (Recommended to connect in parallel for each 5m roll).
_x000D_ Install this mini yet powerful RGB amplifer, and power up your RGB Strip Light!


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