BLACK RIBBON 5M 600LEDs Flexible LED Strip Light IP65 Warm White
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_x000D_ Lot

_x000D_ 1x 5meters

_x000D_ LED:

_x000D_ 600pcs/5meters 120pcs/meter
_x000D_ Voltage:_x000D_ 12V DC
_x000D_ Wattage:_x000D_ 7.2W /meter
_x000D_ Brightness:_x000D_ 600-700Lumens/meter
_x000D_ Grade of Waterproof:_x000D_ IP65
_x000D_ Viewing angle:_x000D_ 120°
_x000D_ Working Current/Meter:_x000D_ 0.6A
_x000D_ Working Temperature:_x000D_ -20° to 50°
_x000D_ Socket:_x000D_ DC Adapter
_x000D_ Size:_x000D_ L(length) 500cm (5Meter) x W (width) 0.8cm x T (thickness)0.25cm
_x000D_ Weight:_x000D_ 200g/5reel

_x000D_     * Ultra bright 3528 SMD LED with high intensity and reliability.
_x000D_     * Water-proof strip for both exterior & interior use.
_x000D_     * Flexible strip for curving around & durable quality.
_x000D_     * Self-adhesive tape on reverse for easy attachment, easy to install.
_x000D_     * Can be cut every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks according to needs.
_x000D_     * Continuous length, packed with 5 meter a reel.
_x000D_     * Long life span: 50,000+ hours in average.
_x000D_     * Low temperature & low power consumption.




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